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What is ASI

we are a child center, a recreation & wellness center, a student union,
a recycling center; servants to CSULB students



departments & programs accepting leaders and volunteers


volunteers opportunities

  • Student Government

    • President's Cabinet,

    • ASI Judiciary,

    • Senate,

    • Lobby Corps,

    • University Student Union Board of Trustees,

    • Isabel Patterson Child Development Center Board of Trustees,

    • ASI Media Board of Trustlees

  • ASI Communications

    • Design,

    • Photography,

    • Marketing,

  • ASI Productions

  • USU Program Council

  • ASI Programming Board

  • Sustain U

  • Kbeach Radio

  • College Beat TV

  • Union Weekly

Building your skills in your academic field of interest, hobbies and career goals!


Program Council

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ASI Programming Board

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Games Center

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Info & Ticket

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ASI Media

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Human Resources

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Design, Web & Video Prod.

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University Student Union

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Recycling Center

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Isabel Patterson
Child Development Center

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Student Recreation &
Wellness Center

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Student Government

  • restructured to refocus on advocacy
  • combining Programming Board & Program Council into one Super-Programming Entity

Recycling Center

  • updating to a new electronic buying system, as well as working to expand our breadth of acceptable materials

Student Recreation & Wellness Center

  • We will be receiving funding to add new equipment, including:
    • Replacing of our original treadmills (12) with new ones
    • Purchasing Woodway curve treadmill (1); sets of dumbbells racks (2) and benches (3) to create a new functional training area on the 2nd floor of the SRWC
    • Purchasing a new stairmaster stepmill and a water rower

Thank you to all the student leaders, employees and volunteers for making this year happen and for always "Keeping Students First."

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