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Essential Piece of the Puzzle

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Those who have had the pleasure of chatting with Jaime Garcia would agree with one undeniable aspect of his character - his helpful energy is contagious. Jaime truly fits the definition of an “Essential Piece of the Puzzle,” not only because of his commitment to carrying out his necessary duties, but also because of his unwavering desire to help others, no matter the task. From his habit of going out of his way to assist maintenance, to voluntarily helping students set up wheelchair ramps, in ASI the word “helpful” and the name “Jaime” are inseparable.

Jaime’s career was kicked off in the warehouse of Specialized Environmental & Demolition, a company that investigates buildings for hazards and potential demolition. He worked his way up to a heavy equipment operator and stayed at the company for nine years before moving on to California Heights United Methodist Church, a much more people-oriented work environment.

“My job was basically maintenance during the day, custodian at night,” Jaime recalled. “It was really my introduction to the types of duties I have here at [Long Beach State].” Jaime took up a similar job in another Methodist church in San Pedro, which ended up being his bridge to our campus.

“I worked with a guy at the church who also worked at CSULB,” he said, “and from time to time I would come by and help out with the work he was doing here.” Again, Jaime’s helpful nature shines through.

“My friend recommended me for this position as soon as it opened up, and I’m grateful he did,” Jaime said. “I’ve done custodial work in the past, but this job brings a whole new level of satisfaction, especially given that I get to work with an amazing team of staff and students.”

The team-oriented aspect of the job is a main source of fulfillment for Jaime, but he describes the come-and-go nature of his team members as “bittersweet.”

“As cool as it is to work with an amazing team that makes you feel young, it’s always a bit sad to see them go come graduation,” he explained.

Outside of work, Jaime loves spending time with his wife and two kids, whether they’re flying kites at the park or enjoying a day at the beach. He enjoys teaching his children new things such as skating, which his daughter has picked up like a natural.

“I’m always looking to improve myself, and I hope to do the same with my family – at home and here at the USU,” he said. “No matter what I want to learn, or who I want to help, I’m always up to the task.” Anybody who knows Jaime would definitely agree.

If you see Jaime around, be sure to say hello, but beware – if he sees you lifting a heavy box, there’s no chance he won’t stop by to give you a hand.

Jaime Garcia was awarded the Essential Piece of the Puzzle during the September 2019 ASI employee assembly. As a part of ASI’s commitment to uplifting customer service, each month all full-time staff participates and votes in this monthly employee of the month program.