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Student Health Fee Proposal

As you may know, officials from the Division of Student Affairs and Student Health Services have requested that the Student Fee Advisory Committee forward a proposal to President Conoley for her to consider an increase in the campus' Student Health Center Fee. This fee would help prevent the elimination or reduction of services at the health center while adding to its offerings in the areas of mental health services, wellness/health promotion and specialty clinics.

The current student fees for the health center amount to $90 per year—which ranks as the lowest student health center fee of all 23 CSU campuses. The fee increase would raise the fee to $150 per year to maintain current services. The fees have not changed in over 10 years, and about one-third of CSULB students currently use the health center.

“[The Student Health Center] took care of me immediately when I needed it,” said ASI President Jose Salazar. “Not to mention the medicine they prescribed was cheaper than those you get from outside doctors or stores.”

If approved the increase would be phased in over two years with the Year 1 (Spring 2017) increase being $40 a year ($20 a semester), and the Year 2 (Spring 2018) increase adding the remaining $20 per year ($10 per semester).

“I encourage students to do their research and remember that this is a great and necessary service our campus provides,” said Salazar. “It’s always good to have some medical care that’s available when you need it.”

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