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Spring in Long Beach Poster

“Still We Rise: Reclaiming Our Power” is the theme of this year’s Students of Color Conference. The conference will be held virtually on Friday, April 23, from 9 AM to 1:30 PM on Zoom. Join us for an assortment of inspiring guests and interactive workshops aimed at fostering a sense of community and societal change.

shark dance challenge

Jump into the new semester with a fresh reading list! Check out some book recommendations from your Associated Students Incorporated (ASI) student-staff members. We have compiled a diverse list of our top picks just for you. Take a look, and who knows, you might find your next favorite read!

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Take on finals with our stress-reducing programs and resources. Bookmark this page for on-the-fly mindful activities, coloring sheets, exclusive stretching tips and more to get you through tough exam days.

Many Associated Students Incorporated (ASI) departments have compiled helpful resource links just for you! Check out their suggested relaxation content below:

Remembering the Awaida Family - Benches at the IPCDC in Memoriam

When Joseph Awaida, Raihan Dakhil and their 3-year-old son Omar were fatally struck by an intoxicated driver last Halloween, it sent shockwaves throughout the Beach community. On a sentimental one-year anniversary, two benches have been dedicated in memoriam of the family at the Isabel Patterson Child Development Center (IPCDC).

A message from the ASI President: Advocacy Goes On

Good morning, Long Beach State,

I’d first like to thank those who registered and voted in this year’s very important election. Your actions are the foundation of our democracy and, as students, our voices continue to evoke the necessary change in our nation. This cycle has elicited strong passions, uncertainty, and anxiety for so many of our students.

Make Your Voice Heard...Get Out and Vote

Happy National Election Day, LBSU!
I am Omar Prudencio Gonzalez, and I humbly serve as ASI President/CEO this academic year.

SB 493 and Sex Equity

It’s been quite the shark frenzy these past few weeks on TikTok! Many shark dancers at LBSU have shown off their dance s’gills in our #LBSUSharkChallenge. I’m positive that Elbee is impressed with all of the submissions that we’ve received! Now, it’s time to announce our three finalists for this fierce competition.

Everything            You Need To Know About Prop 16

What You Need to Know About Prop 16
What is Proposition 16? Proposition 16 is a measure that appears on the November 2020 ballot. Put on the ballot by the California State Legislature, Proposition 16 would repeal Proposition 209 (1996), allowing for race, ethnicity, sex, nationality and color to be factors in public employment, education and contracting decisions. Proposition 16 would not create racial quotas; the U.S. Supreme Court found racial quotas unconstitutional in the Regents of the University of California v. Bakke case (1978).

Resources for the Black and Pan-African Student Community

Pan-African Student Cultural Resource Center
This resource center offers a safe space to support Black and African students, staff and faculty members. The Pan-African Student Cultural Resource Center aims to maintain and ensure support for the cultural growth of the Black and African community at the Beach.