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About Grow Beach

The Grow Beach Garden is a student founded endeavor. Grow Beach is ASI’s organic garden, available to students, staff, alumni, academic departments and programs on campus. Grow Beach is a great resource for the Long Beach State community as it moves towards healthier eating, learning and living.

Thanks to the hard work of Sustain U employees, volunteers, and gardeners from the campus community Grow Beach donates food to the ASI Beach Pantry, which we call the Harvest Program.

Grow beach will be relocating and is temporarily closed until further notice.

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Gardener Code of Conduct & Etiquette

  1. Follow all rules and regulations set forth by the Student Code of Conduct and Staff Policies and Procedures Handbook regarding behavior on University property.
  2. Maintain responsibility for personal guests.
  3. All children must be under adult supervision when in the garden.
  4. Tools and equipment borrowed from ASI must be used properly and returned clean to the storage shed.
  5. Have a valid CSULB parking pass when parking on campus.
  6. Keep garden boxes completely planted and harvested with new vegetables of the season. Gardens must be planted with at least 80% edible crops.
  7. Remove weeds and trim and remove all diseased and/or pest-infested plants.
  8. Keep crops trimmed and out of pathways.
  9. Use only hand operated hoses and watering cans. The use of soaker hoses and sprinklers is not permitted.
  10. Use the compost bin provided for plant waste, WITH THE EXCEPTION OF TOMATOES and TOMATO PLANT TRIMMINGS which should be deposited in our designated tomato bin.
  11. Follow the Grow Beach Planting Guide.
  12. Report any violations of these rules to Sustain U.
  1. Sell or use garden produce for profit or commercial use, unless otherwise authorized by ASI.
  2. Tamper with another gardener’s box without written permission. Removal of any item that is not your personal property is considered theft and cause for permanent loss of membership.
  3. Use any fertilizers or pesticides other than those approved by Grow Beach. No synthetic/chemical herbicides, pesticides, fungicides or synthetic fertilizers are permitted on the site.
  4. Bring animals to the garden, with the exception of legally registered service animals.
  5. Provide food or water for any wild animals or birds.
  6. Play music loud enough to be a nuisance.
  7. Raise the soil level in their garden box more than 1-2 inches below the garden box border.
  8. Grow any plants defined as narcotic, or used in the manufacturing of narcotics, regardless of state or federal legality.
  9. Plant in containers of any type other than the provided container box.
  10. Leave containers that hold standing water which creates a possible habitat for breeding mosquitoes

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