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Isaac Julian

Isaac Julian is a fourth-year undergraduate student pursuing a bachelor’s degree in political science and English composition and rhetoric, with a minor in communication studies. Upon graduation, he plans to attend law school with a focus in corporate law.
Throughout his time at Long Beach State University, he has served as a research assistant, first-year peer mentor, ASI academic affairs officer and ASI senator-at-large. He currently serves as a President’s Ambassador. Within all his involvements, Julian’s goal is always to empower students.
Isaac’s notable achievements include the creation of the Online Student Success Program, which aimed to help students adapt to a virtual learning environment. He advocated for student compensation upon completion of the program, as many lost their jobs during the pandemic. Julian also created a survey regarding the proposed plus/minus grading changes to the LBSU grading policy. It generated over 10,000 responses, overwhelmingly voting against the measure. Through democratic action, he was able to ensure the student's voice was heard by the voting committee, who ultimately did not implement the changes.
Additionally, Julian has served as an intern with the Port of Long Beach and as part of Youth Leadership Long Beach. He holds an active role in the community by volunteering locally, advocating for the homeless and finding assistance for those experiencing food and housing insecurity. Julian uses his platform to uplift others and through his involvement and advocacy, has earned trust and respect from the campus community.
As a first-generation student, Julian understands the challenges of navigating the educational system and hopes to provide more resources and guidance to students. He is veracious in all he does and strives to build an inclusive and welcoming environment for all. He looks forward to serving the student body through collaboration and participation in shared governance on campus.