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Showcasing art from CSULB’s own, the University Student Union (USU) Art Gallery displays student and alumni art of all kinds. Opening its doors in 2013, the USU Board of Trustees (USUBOT) created the art gallery to showcase the wonderful work fostered by CSULB’s art programs. An open house style artist reception is held for artists who are selected to have their art displayed in the gallery. The event provides a great chance for the public to meet the artist, view their works and ask questions on the pieces. Any type of CSULB student or alumni artist is welcomed to apply to have their work displayed in the gallery. Interested artists must submit their application and photo sample of their pieces on by searching “USU Art Gallery” once logged in. The art is then selected by a committee organized under the USUBOT.
CONTACT: (562) 985-2535

Dane Klingaman -
Flattened Experience
dane klingaman flattened experience
Dennis James-Simmons -
Ports America
dennis james simmons ports america
Donna Kent -
Car Graveyard 2
donna kent car graveyard2
Eduardo Gomez -
The evolution of undocumented immigrant
eduardo gomez the evolution of an undocumented immigrant
Itan Wong -
Polkadot Self portrait 2
itan wong polkadot self portrait 2
Jean Zaske -
jean zaske backyard
Jennifer Hipolite -
Hunter Gatherer
jennifer hipolite hunter gatherer
Jerry Ellesberg -
The Burbuda triangle
jerry ellsberg the berbuda triangle
Joe Corso -
joe corso stream
John Chan -
john chan untitled
Linda Jo Russal -
Green Wraped Forms
linda jo russal gree wraped forms
Liz Chaflin -
Time Passes Nature Reveals
liz chaflin time passes nature reveals
Luis Ramirez -
Pass This On
luis ramirez pass this on
Mee Whang -
mee whang evocation
Mike Mails -
mike mails untitled
Norm Looney -
Bicycle Wheel
norm looney bicycle wheel
Steve Poulus -
steve poulus figures
Unknown -
Grandview Boulevard
unknown grandview boulavard
Anna Stormquist -
anna stormquist untitled
Christopher Troutman -
Christopher Troutman - Transport
C.A. Beckerman –
California Turbulence
C.A. Beckerman – California Turbulence
Alyssa Alfieri -
alyssa alfieri ecstasy 1
Carolyn Rider -
carolyn rider untitled 1
Darren Hotetter -
Pizza Sign
darren hostetter pizzasign 1
David DiMichele -
david di michele ascension 1
Debra Young -
debra young architecture 1
Delores Williams -
delores williams undercover 1
Donna Kent -
Car Graveyard 1
donna kent cargraveyard 1
Eric Borja -
eric borja untitiled 1
Jason Parks -
jason parks untitled 1
Jodi Jones -
My Thought process 1
jodi jones mythoughtprocess 1
Jodi Jones -
My Thought process 2
jodi jones mythoughtprocess 2
Jodi Jones -
My Thought process 3
jodi jones mythoughtprocess 3
Jodi Jones -
My Thought process 4
jodi jones mythoughtprocess 4
Jodi Jones -
My Thought process 5
jodi jones mythoughtprocess 5
Jodi Jones -
My Thought process 6
jodi jones mythoughtprocess 6
Kimberly Interachot -
kimberly interachot untitled 1
Marian Stewart -
Pied Piper
marian stewart pied piper 1
Marsha Schindler-
Salt Marsh Environment
marsha schindler saltmarshenvironment 1
Nicole D Duet -
nicoledduet untitled 1
Norm Looney -
Twonon Objectives
norm looney twonon objectives 1
Pato Sullivan -
patosullivan untitled 1
Seth Cooper -
Turning Torso
seth cooper turningtorso 1
Steven C Kelso -
stevenckelso sacrecoeur 1
Unknown -
Eastren Headlands
unknown easternheadlands 1
Amy Bartel -
Peace Signs
peace signs amy bartel
Fred Eck -
Fred Eck -FA4-203
Elmer Guevara -
Elemer Guevara - Greg
Savannah Paul -
Kavanaugh Likes Beer
Kavanaugh Likes Beer Savannah Paul poster
Daniel Garcia -
cow Daniel Garcia poster
Stephanna Bennett -
The Discovery
the discovery Stephanna Bennett poster
Daniela Barbani -
Alternate Routes
alternate routes Daniela Barbani poster
Dede Falcone -
wishbone Dede Falcone poster
Meredith Freeman -
Terra Aquarium
terra aquarium Meredith Freeman poster
Bin Youn -
Warmest Nights
warmest nights Bin Youn poster
Ivo Makianich -
Overlooking Signal Hill
overlooking signal hill Ivo Makianich poster
Mitra Katsuyoshi -
outgrown Mitra Katsuyoshi poster