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ASI will be hosting events Monday through Friday to celebrate The Future U: Back to the Beach Week, Jan. 23 to 26! This week will focus on discovering what kinds of resources students want to see in the University Student Union (USU) accompanied with fun prizes, giveaways and games!

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Take a break from finals with our BeachFront holiday game! Help Cal, your snowfriend, find their favorite holiday things down below.

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The holidays are a time for family, friends, and food. But they can also be a time for waste. The average American family generates 25% more waste during the holidays than any other time of the year. That’s a lot of waste! But it doesn’t have to be. There are many easy ways to reduce your waste this holiday season. Take this quiz to find out what sustainable habit you should adopt for the holidays.

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Hunger and Homelessness Week sheds light on the problem of poverty in our communities. The week, sponsored by the National Coalition for the Homeless and the National Student Campaign Against Hunger and Homelessness, focuses on educating, raising awareness and collecting donations that support local anti-poverty agencies. Hunger and Homelessness Week is a collection of events across the United States that host collections, donations and workshops for their local communities during the same week, right before Thanksgiving.

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No one warned me that, as an adult, I was going to spend most of my time and energy figuring out what to eat. From budgeting my money responsibly, figuring out which grocery store is the cheapest, planning my meals and learning how to cook, a big portion of adulthood is ALL. ABOUT. FOOD.

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After years of constant online stimulation, we’re excited to experience Smorgasport in person—back and better than ever! And to add to this excitement, Smorgasport is celebrating its 20th anniversary! This year is the 20th time we are hosting this special event for LBSU students. And, there are so many things to look forward to: carnival rides, food, games, prizes, photo booths and more. Students should take advantage of this free opportunity to meet new people, connect with friends, and experience the attractions for no cost. Did we mention it was free?

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Networking is vital to your future. I know...as students, we’ve heard our professors and employers push us to network a million times, but what does it mean? And can everyone just...do it? The answer is yes and here’s how!

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Halloween is right around the corner and ASI loves all things spooky. Want to learn what your study habits say about you? Take a well-deserved break from school and take our new quiz to find out your Halloween aesthetic!

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When you thought of college, what did you picture your life to look like? Maybe you envisioned your time at school researching for a new cure? Or perhaps you wanted to lead others with a club on campus that serves the community around you? Whether you wanted to travel, complete research, or wanted to start up an organization on campus, you need money. But let’s face it, applying for any financial applications can be super overwhelming, taxing, and hard to sift through. Well, I’m here to make your life easier!

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In the last few years, the pandemic pushed us to become more isolated and indoors. We were forced to change our understanding of what it means to connect with both people and nature. And it was tough!

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Most students prefer the benefits that come with driving a car. I mean come on, the convenience, freedom and extra storage are hard to give up. Unfortunately, everything comes at a price.

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The “starving college student” era has been romanticized and accepted, but is it just a quirky phrase? Or is it a real, actionable issue that needs attention? ASI’s Beach Pantry—available to all Long Beach State students—tries to answer this question.

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Creating outlines, catching up on reading and reviewing a semester’s worth of notes. Yep, it sounds like Finals Week is upon us! And here in Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) we also know that studying is no easy task. That’s why we want to share opportunities you can use throughout the day to help you conquer the next two weeks.

LBSU’s Best Graduation Photo Spots banner

Hey there graduates! It's your trusty Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) campus guide here. Are you ready to get the inside scoop into some top-notch photo spots at the university? We hope the answer was yes because we have a list of ready-to-go places perfect for your graduation photoshoot. What are you waiting for? Grab your caps and gowns and check out the locations below right now!

The USU aka Hobby Central banner

Springtime is perfect for trying new things. It is the season of new beginners and fresh starts. Why not try your hand at something new this semester? Maybe there is a hobby you are waiting to test out. And you are in luck! The University Student Union (USU) is full of departments that cater to specific interests. Whether you are into writing, event planning, or another thing altogether, there is a place for you.

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Take our Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) activities quiz! Spend a day doing your favorite student things and we will give you a new activity to test out. Who knows, the one you get may be something you have not tried before...why wait? Click the button below to start the quiz.

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Students often have the misconception it is unattainable to live a sustainable lifestyle, but there are accessible ways to protect and nurture our planet! Here are Sustain U’s tips and tricks to be more mindful of the waste we produce and what we can do to have a more positive impact on our planet as students.