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Spring in Long Beach Poster

“Still We Rise: Reclaiming Our Power” is the theme of this year’s Students of Color Conference. The conference will be held virtually on Friday, April 23, from 9 AM to 1:30 PM on Zoom. Join us for an assortment of inspiring guests and interactive workshops aimed at fostering a sense of community and societal change.

Spring in Long Beach Poster

It's springtime in Long Beach. There are so many fun things you can do to fill your time outside of school. We’ve compiled an assortment of safe activities you can do in our city this season. Don’t wait, check out our picks below and find your next past time.

*Note: Click on the links attached to each activity to see detailed information regarding hours, additional services and COVID-19 guidelines. All activities mentioned are hidden gems local to the Long Beach area.

Alicia’s Take: Self-Care in a Virtual World

Mental wellness looks different for everyone, there is not a one-size-fits all approach. The things that work for one individual will likely not work the same way for you. This is the beauty of the mental well-being spectrum and all its vastness. This just means that we are all unique and there are many ways beyond breathing exercises and meditation to calm our busy minds.

Proposed LBSU Plus or Minus Grading Policy

A new plus or minus grading policy has been proposed at Long Beach State University (LBSU). According to representatives in Associated Students Government, LBSU is one of two California State Universities that has not adopted the new system. Currently, the Curriculum and Educational Policies Council (CEPC) has the grading policy open for review with the recommendation to consider plus or minus grading.


Every spring, LBSU students choose their representatives by voting in Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) elections. With 2021 elections right around the corner, you may be wondering why, or if, your vote matters. Here’s the short answer – it does.

Celebrate the Life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“Oppressed people cannot remain oppressed forever. The yearning for freedom eventually manifests itself.” - Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Stress Management: A Student Guide to Campus Resources

Clear your mind by learning simple and effective ways to better manage stress in your life. Below are some helpful tips from our campus health and wellness services that can help you get started on your self-love journey. What are you waiting for, check out these resources now!

shark dance challenge

Jump into the new semester with a fresh reading list! Check out some book recommendations from your Associated Students Incorporated (ASI) student-staff members. We have compiled a diverse list of our top picks just for you. Take a look, and who knows, you might find your next favorite read!

Graphic: Cultural Welcome Week

Join us for a week of cultural welcomes at The Beach! Learn more about campus communities and get connected with cultural clubs, organizations and resources.

Graphic: Student Research Grants

Are you a student looking to take your learning to a new level? Expand your knowledge and understanding with university funded research grants!

Graphic: Spring Week of Welcome

It's nice to have you back at Long Beach State, we hope you had a relaxing and rejuvenating winter break. Now that classes are starting up again here's some Week of Welcome (WOW) programming to look forward to in the coming weeks.

Graphic: State of the Associated Students

Every semester, the president of ASI delivers an update on the organization and its ongoing mission to support and enhance the student experience at Long Beach State. This important tradition is known as the State of the Associated Students speech.

LBSU Shark Challenge winners

The time has come! The students have voted and selected our #LBSUSharkChallenge winners!

conquer finals poster

Take on finals with our stress-reducing programs and resources. Bookmark this page for on-the-fly mindful activities, coloring sheets, exclusive stretching tips and more to get you through tough exam days.

Many Associated Students Incorporated (ASI) departments have compiled helpful resource links just for you! Check out their suggested relaxation content below:

ASI Fights for Equity, Inclusion and Racial Justice

Reflection has been one of the defining characteristics of 2020. As the fight to dismantle systemic racism grows across the nation, ASI is determined to pull their weight by implementing meaningful changes this year and beyond.

Build Your Perfect Meal and We'll Tell You What Type of Friend You Are

Hungry for something fun? Let us help. In the spirit of the holidays, here’s an interactive quiz to learn a little more about yourself. Based on the meals you choose, we’ll tell you what type of friend you are.

USU Student Laptop/Hotspot Loan Program

Going to school from home has changed the environment of learning, but the quality does not have to be affected too. For students needing academic resources, the University Student Union (USU) is hosting the CSULB Technology Loan program, providing students with laptop and hotspot loans.