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CSSA is a non-profit student organization founded by student body presidents in 1959. Recognized by the CSU Board of Trustees as the official voice of CSU students, CSSA has long advocated for student access to an affordable, high quality CSU education. CSSA student leaders work with the CSU Chancellor, CSU Trustees, Governor, and State Legislature to positively affect higher education policy in California.

To learn more about programs CSSA offers and what kind of activities the organization engages in, please visit the CSSA WEBSITE.

Increase CSSA’s Independence

As the voice for the CSU students in system and state policy debates, CSSA should be funded by and for students. Whereas the association currently accepts significant amounts of funding from the CSU Chancellor, the SIRF funding proposal allows each CSU student to financially support the association advocating on its behalf. This change will increase CSSA’s credibility with policy makers and create additional opportunities to achieve victories for CSU students.

Provide Students A Choice

Each CSU student will have the ability to elect not to pay the fee for financial, political, or personal considerations each time it is assessed. Although the fee is low at $2 per semester, we recognize that students deserve a choice in funding their student advocacy association.

For additional information on opting out, please visit the or Enrollment Services section of the CSULB website.

Low Cost

$2 per semester or $4 per year is lower than any other CSU fee, yet among the CSU student population it will ensure a more stable statewide student body organization. The ability to anticipate revenues and engage in short and long-term program planning can dramatically improve the association’s effectiveness.

Student Involvement and Participation in Governance of The CSU

Implementation of this new funding model will increase opportunities for students to participate in university committees; engage with the board of trustees; attend leadership development conferences and activities; experience internships and student assistantships; advocate at the state and federal levels; and provide additional CSSA-sponsored student programs at their home campuses.


The California Higher Education Student Summit (CHESS), currently in its twenty-seventh year, is an annual conference hosted by the Cal State Student Association (CSSA) that empowers students to become change agents in advocating for an accessible, affordable, and quality system of public higher education for all Californians.

During a two-day conference held in the state capital, California State University (CSU) students participate in various training sessions on state governance, higher education and public policy, and conduct lobby visits in preparation for Advocacy Day at the Capitol. In addition, students are provided the unique opportunity to collaborate and network with state legislators and student leaders from all of CSU’s 23 campuses.

For more information or to apply to attend visit the California Higher Education Student Summit (CHESS) website.

Student Involvement & Representation Fee (SIRF)

On January 28, 2014 the CSU Board of Trustees adopted the Student Involvement and Representation Fee (SIRF) proposal, which became effective in fall 2015. Submitted to the CSU by CSSA, this proposal aims to create a more stable, independent, and expanded statewide student association. Through a $2 per-term voluntary fee assessed to each CSU student, this new funding model will replace CSSA’s long-standing revenue sources that included Associated Students membership dues, fundraising, and Chancellor’s Office grants.

For additional information about CSSA or this specific fee, please use one of the following: