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Your Student Fees at Work
Your Student Fees at Work

Published: Thursday, 11 April 2019

If you’ve walking around the second floor of the USU recently, you may have noticed the brand new chairs, tables and seating arrangements. A project that’s been in the works since last year, the USU Board of Trustees are proud to unveil the brand new USU furniture!

On March 18 at 10 a.m., USU BOT members Maritess Anne Inieto, Stephanie Torres, Xan Balayan and Sabina Rodriguez were all out and about to hand out churros to students in celebration of the new furniture.

“Last year, we decided that investing in student furniture was something that was really important to us,” said Inieto. “Previously, you would always see students sitting on the floor just to sit next to an outlet or because there weren’t any chairs available. Now, we’ve changed that.”

All of the chairs that were in the USU have been replaced with new, state-of-the-art multidimensional chairs -- and some even have outlets attached to them! And now, students also have the option to sit at bar-like tables with higher chairs in addition to the lower seats that surround a lower table.

“Because this is a facility that students are paying fees toward, I think it’s important that they actually get to spend time in here,” said Rodrigues. “Plus, the seating is more comfortable, all of it looks much nicer that it was previously. I think it’s really going to have students talking.”

Every semester, a small portion of your tuition is used to help fund ASI and the University Student Union. Sometimes, students don’t always get to see the maintenance projects that are undertaken to keep the USU in tip top shape.

“Actually seeing their fees go to something tangible that they can use immediately is going to be great for students,” said Balayan. “Also with all of us being students, I think we really understand how great this is for student morale in addition to it brightening up the USU.”