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Introducing the ASI Beach Pantry Banner
Introducing the ASI Beach Pantry

In a long-term effort to support our students and propel them to success, ASI is proud to announce the opening of the new ASI Beach Pantry!

The new ASI-run food pantry will give students in need access to food. Accompanying the food pantry will be the Student Swap Shop, operated by Sustain U, aimed at providing students with the opportunity to swap unwanted or old school supplies, like books, notebooks and other items essential to education. The pantry will also contain further information about campus services and programs like housing and university police.

ASI Vice President Logan Vournas worked on the development and implementation of the Beach Pantry alongside university administration and is excited to see the idea come to fruition.

“It’s exciting because our university has made significant strides in tackling and handling basic necessities of our students, and with 21% of students being food insecure, this is a huge need,” said Vournas. “CSULB always strives for excellence in supporting students, because students simply can’t succeed or excel in their academics, personal lives or involvement on campus if they’re hungry and lack access to something as basic as food.”

CSULB is one of the largest campuses in the state and is now the third campus in the CSU to have an official food pantry. And after its first food drive on August 11, the Beach Pantry now has its first batch of food ready to give to those in need.

“It’s especially exciting because our campus is a commuter campus, and many of our students are first generation immigrants who need to support their families and usually work demanding jobs on top of going to school,” said Vournas. “ASI is committed to keeping students first, and each student, no matter what situation they’re in, needs to be supported and encouraged to succeed.”

The ASI Beach Pantry will open Monday, August 29 and will be housed in USU-302, formerly the USU Board of Trustees office. The Student Swap Shop will operate from the supply office directly next to it. Office hours will be Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 5 to 7 p.m.

For more information visit USU-302, call the office at (562) 985-4834 or message them directly at