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Stand With Us & Share Your Story

Last month I asked all students to stand with me and other student leaders in opposition to the proposed tuition increase being discussed by the CSU Board of Trustees (CSUBOT). Many students joined and shared their story about how it would impact them by filling out this form.

If you didn’t share your story and sign up to attend the next CSUBOT meeting, it’s not too late. Please, sign up now and share your story with us.

Here are some excerpts from the stories we’ve heard so far about how this tuition hike will affect others pursuits:

“It's very difficult to get a college degree and work at the same time, but I have no option. I'm a single mother of two children, and I can barely make enough money. A tuition increase will affect me so many ways, not only economically but also emotionally. It will be a very stressful situation for sure! PLEASE don't make things more difficult for us.”

“This is insane. I have to work and juggle several responsibilities which impact my academic success so that I can help my parents pay for the already high tuition rates we currently have. This increase will put a strain on my family and make it much harder for me to achieve my academic goal of earning my doctorate in the future…”

“My parents didn't have the extra money for me to pay for school's tuition. The only way I was able to pay for tuition is through financial aid. I still have about 1 year left to get my bachelor's degree. However, I still need to go to graduate school. There's no financial aid for graduate school, so I would have to take out loans. Tuition really dictates where I want to go for school.”

We will take these stories, and many more like them, to the Chancellor’s office next week and fight for what we know is right. If you have a moment, please share your story now.

Marvin Flores
ASI President/CEO