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Executive Recommendations: Malcom X Marks the Spot banner

Executive Recommendations: Malcolm X Marks the Spot

Published: Thursday, 24 April 2020

Hope can feel hard to come by sometimes, but with the life lessons from Malcolm X you’re never short in inspiration. Malcolm X’s inherent positivity for the future of America shines bright in his autobiographical debut about life without limitations.

In his work, Malcolm X addresses the prevailing issues of his time including racism, stereotyping and prejudice. He calls for people to be kinder to themselves and one another to allow in live and stop the spread of hatred.

This novel is yet another of our great Associated Students, Incorporated (ASI), government picks. It was chosen by Leen Almahdi, Vice President, leader and fellow student.

Almahdi found the read, “transformational and life-altering in its story of one man who did so much in a short amount of time to help others.”

Check out this ASI executive pick today and others like it on the Libby App, on Amazon, or on iBooks.