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Tips for Finding a Summer Job

As the academic year comes to a close, many students are beginning their search for a summer job and/or internship. To help make the search a bit less daunting, ASI wanted to offer students some quick tips to help boost their chances. ASI Communications Assistant Daniel Sunkari sat down with Peggy Murphy, a program coordinator with the Career Development Center (CDC), to develop these five pieces of advice.

  1. Build your resume.
    If you’re graduating, be sure to get your resume in order ASAP. The Career Development Center has drop-in resume assistance available and will have workshops during the summer focused solely on resume writing. An effective resume can impress employers and beef up a student’s image when looking for a job.
  2. Look early, and look often.
    Employers continually post openings throughout the semester, so be sure to start looking early. Students looking for a summer job should begin searching as soon as they can and continue to look if nothing immediately peaks their interest. New postings come up all the time.
  3. Use CareerLINK.
    CareerLINK is an incredibly valuable resource for finding job listings and contacting employers. All current students have access through single sign-on, but even graduating students can access this easy to use job and internship finding service. They’ll just have to take the extra simple step of coming into the CDC, and they’ll continue to have access for a full year after graduating.
  4. Be flexible in your options.
    If you find something in your area of expertise or major, that’s great—but if you can’t, students should know that is completely okay. Every job that you get will build your skills and marketability to employers because they look at everything when considering someone’s experience. Do not discount that. In being open to varying options, students have the possibility of networking and turning something as simple as a summer job into a year-long internship or even a full-time job.
  5. Don’t give up!
    There are plenty of jobs out there. And employers are always looking. If you’re having a hard time, keep positive. The job market is ripe for the taking and it’s up to you to take it!

The CDC offers help and equips students who are pursuing employment. They offer workshops, job fairs, counseling and advice for every step of the career decision-making process—even over summer!

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