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College Students Encounter Difficulty Getting Benefits

Published: Wednesday, 6 May 2020

The CARES Act is a new law passed by Congress. It stands for the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act. The law allocates up to $1,200 in funding per eligible adult but excludes those registered as dependents in its relief payments.

In other words, college students still living at home or on their parent’s dime will not be able to receive the financial aid awards from the state.

“I think it’s important to be involved in this issue because college students are such a big population in the U.S. economy and we are one of the populations that got left out,” said CSULB ASI Chief Government Relations Officer Katherine Pham.

ASI encourages University students desiring these benefits to join a call to action and make their voices heard by the government at large. To do so, they can sign an online petition or send an email or call their congressional representatives.

“The purpose is to make our congressional reps know that not all college students were included in the CARES Act and we want to advocate for legislation that will help target that,” said Pham.

The situation asks for activism in both verbal and physical forms. Verbally, those students not included must make their perspectives known to their peers, educators and government officials. Physically, they must use their devices to call and/or email their representatives to incite the change they want to see.

“Hopefully, this call to action will lead into the support of Senator Murray’s (WA), bill S.3489, “The Supporting Students in Coronavirus Act” that would provide more than $3 billion through mandatory grant programs that would support students during campus closures and provide emergency financial aid,” said Pham.

Join in the ASI’s call to action and make your voice heard, click here and fill their virtual petition now.