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22 West Media

When you walk into the first floor of the University Student Union (USU), you’ll notice some changes. In place of the usual radio, print and television stations is 22 West Media! 22 West is the combined media company for what was formerly known as Kbeach Radio, Union Weekly and College Beat TV—reorganized as a multimedia organization with a radio, magazine and video division.

“We reorganized as 22 West to give volunteers an understanding of what it’s like to be a part of a multimedia organization,” said fourth-year film and electronic arts major and 22 West Video Chief Executive Producer Jason Lauckner.

To continue equipping students for future success in their careers, 22 West Media will offer volunteers a breadth of experience spanning radio, print and video sectors. Current volunteers at 22 West Media look forward to engaging the campus with a fresh mix of culture and intertwined voices.

“I’m really excited because, as journalists today, we have to know how to produce, write, work with graphics, Photoshop, etc. and really be well-rounded in order to thrive in the work force,” said fourth-year journalism major and 22 West Magazine Editor in Chief Bailey Mount.

Jason, Bailey and Ennovy Bowman, journalism senior and 22 West Radio General Manager, all introduce themselves and 22 West in a new story in 22 West Magazine. You can read it at