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With only two weeks left to apply for scholarships on campus, time is ticking fast! BeachScholarships, LBSU's online scholarship system, offers thousands of college-level, departmental and program-level scholarships totaling millions of dollars - completely free to applicants!

BeachScholarships is the online portal operated by the LBSU Center for Scholarship Information (CSI), and offers easy access and recommendations to an expansive list of scholarships. It can be accessed through students' Okta Single Sign-On account or at

BeachScholarships uses a single application for multiple scholarships and presents recommendations. Students start by completing a general application with their most basic information, and then that information is transferred to various college-specific, personalized, and recommended scholarship applications. The form saves your progress, making it simple and easy to complete them any time prior to the deadline. The scholarship money will apply for the next academic year.

"You can't get free money unless you apply!" exclaimed Valerie Kelsey, assistant director of CSI. "The portal is definitely student-friendly, easy and quick, so take a chance - you have nothing to lose."

Applications opened on Nov. 1 and close at 11:59 p.m. on Feb. 15, 2018. Don't miss your opportunity for free money; apply now! For more information, visit