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5 Hobbies to Take-Up While You’re Home

Published: Thursday, 19 March 2020

In these next few weeks, while you’re at home with family, on your own, or chilling with your roommates, consider these easy and fun activities to keep your spirits up. The National Library of Health did a study linking reduced stress to having at least one hobby. Are you ready to take your life up a notch and unlock your best self? Improve your life today and check out this ultimate list of 5 entertaining and useful hobbies to fill your time with!

  1. Cooking: Making your own meals is liberating, healthy and economical. It allows you to know exactly what goes into your meals and be adventurous with new recipes. Knowing how to prepare food is a lifelong skill that few people master. Start slow with this skill by watching YouTube tutorials, making Pinterest recipe boards, and looking up online blogs that fit your unique taste preferences. What will you make with your new talents? Tag us @CSULBASI when you make it and we’ll try to share it!
  2. Learning a New Language: Memorizing basic speaking phrases in other languages and using them in your daily life can help your concentration, memory and creativity. According to Scientific American, knowing a foreign language is also the key to enhancing your responsiveness and decision-making skills. Build your cultural appreciation and vocabulary by adopting a new language into your day-to-day life!
  3. Getting Zen with Meditation: Adopting mindfulness into your routine can change the composition of your brain. A Harvard study run by Sara Lazar found that daily meditation focused on stress reduction thickened the hippocampus and improved learning and memory. Allotting time to reflect allows your mind to decompress and be in emotional balance. Activate your full brain capacity by integrating 10-15 minutes of silent meditation into your day. Follow us @CSULBSRWC on any of our platforms to see some premium at-home content we are working on!
  4. Growing through Reading: Reading fosters open mindedness and enhances your analytical thinking skills. Have you ever wanted answers to life’s biggest questions or find out why things are the way they are? Make yourself comfy with a good book whether it’s a novel, e-book or comic and find out more about the wondrous world. Are you ready to broaden your perspective?
  5. Unleashing your Inner Artist: Power. Calmness. Love. At the core, art allows you to discover your creative voice and produce stories that tell who you are as a unique individual. Everyone is influenced and touched by art in a different way. There's no one right art form, but there is one that will resonate with you the most. Find what medium fuels your creative fire and awaken your senses!

Any of these pique your interest? If you try them out, tag us on any channel and we will consider sharing it!