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Your New ASI Officers

Published: Tuesday, 22 March 2022

Written by Alicia Casey, ASI Communications Assistant

Student government elections are officially over. You met with the candidates, got to know their platforms and voted for your peer representatives. And now...the results are in! With great excitement, we are proud to announce your 2022 through 2023 academic officers.

Executive Officers

Elected to your Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) executive officers are President-elect Isaac Julian, Executive Vice President-elect Diamond Byrd, and Vice President of Finance-elect Mitali Jain.

College Senators

Selected on behalf of each college are College Senator-elects Mariel Carrasco for the College of the Arts, Daniel Rodriquez for the College of Business, Jocelyn Peña for the College of Health and Human Services, Nidhin Varghese for the College of Education, and Dhrumil Shah for the College of Engineering.

Senators At-Large

Representing you in the Senate are your four Senators At-Large-elects Teresa Falcon, Verena Mikhail, Fidel Vasquez and Alejandro Rojas.

Trustees At-Large

Chosen to sit on the University Student Union Board of Trustees as your Trustee At-Large-elects are Jeremey Ramos, Samtha Schoner, Akshay Ramesh Waghmare and Newton Bao.

Congratulations to our incoming and returning ASI student government leaders! These individuals will be representing you in the coming academic year and advocating for your needs. Read more about each elected official and their platforms on asicsulb.org/elections.