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It's Almost Time to Vote in ASI Elections

Published: Monday, 8 March 2021

Written by David Rowe

Every spring, LBSU students choose their representatives by voting in Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) elections. With 2021 elections right around the corner, you may be wondering why, or if, your vote matters. Here’s the short answer – it does.

Student leaders in ASI direct the programming, policy and resources provided by the organization, making decisions that impact students directly. For example, with the Student Rec & Wellness Center partially reopening soon, now is a good time to remember that the University Student Union Board of Trustees, an AS Government board, kicked off the vote that resulted in its construction. The same can be said for the LBSU mascot change and the creation of the Beach Pantry, both of which were driven by leaders in student government.

ASI officers also decide who receives funds from ASI, and how. As you vote for next year’s senators, remember that they have the power to set grant policy, as well as many other responsibilities including advocacy, general ASI policy, and building and improving campus facilities. For a list of each position and their duties, visit

The ASI president and vice president have a huge say in how ASI serves the student body. To learn about how the current presidential candidates will serve you next year if elected, come to the presidential debate on March 11 from 5 to 5:45 p.m. - more information can be found at Ask questions and see who earns your vote!

Finally, all students will have the option to vote for or against important changes to the procedures and responsibilities of ASI officers and boards this year. From gender-neutral language to term limits, visit to learn all about the proposed amendments to Chapter I of the ASI Bylaws.

LBSU, we want to hear your voice. With electronic ballots being sent straight to your student email, having a say in ASI’s future is as easy as ever. Mark your calendars for the voting period from March 15 to 17 and check out for more information on this year’s elections!

It's Almost Time to Vote in ASI Elections