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The video productions team in ASI Communications creates a collection of programs aimed at informing Long Beach State (LBSU) students about all that goes on at the Beach, paying particular attention to things governed and sponsored by the Associated Students. Programs include Beach Week, Beach Buzz, AS Fit and ASimpact.

The video productions team operates as the multimedia arm of ASI, helping to promote ASI events and programs to the greater LBSU community. The ASI Communications department is a one-stop agency that provides marketing, graphic design, web, photography, social media and video production services to all ASI departments and programs.


Beach Buzz is about the inner-workings of ASI student government on campus. Beach Buzz features student representatives from the executive, legislative and judicial branches, and highlights their undertakings and accomplishments. The show consists of three journalistic segments and one feature piece: ASI Now covers ongoing activities in the Senate, Senate in a Minute profiles a student representative and a project they are working on, AS Inside is an investigative component of the show, and AS Outside features an ASI-funded student organization.


ASimpact is a video series that highlights stellar ASI affiliated students. Recipients must have displayed growth during their time with ASI and must have made a significant impact in some way during their time at Long Beach State. Whether it be in their classes, their community, or other various personal triumphs, all students involved in ASI are eligible for this recognition. Students are nominated by their peers and are subjects are selected at the start of each semester.


AS Fit is a show about health and wellbeing at CSULB and covers the Student Recreation and Wellness Center (SRWC). It introduces the SRWCs various recreational activities, special events, programs, intramural sports and fitness classes. AS Fit also spotlights wellness services offered to SRWC members, as well as its personnel—such as coaches, trainers, instructors and student-staff.


Beach Week is a weekly series highlighting campus life and student culture. The series takes you inside ASI events such as Movies on the House, Poet’s Lounge, Homecoming, Queer Prom, featured speakers and concerts, art gallery exhibitions,Noontime Series, and general entertainment in the USU Games Center. Beach Week caters fun to students, consisting of three segments: Last Wake covers past events, Currents informs about upcoming events, and Next Wave announces future events.


USU Beach Balance program provides the Long Beach State community with health and wellness services to enhance the quality of life through mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. USU Beach Balance was created in spring 2019 to expand the many services already offered at the Student Recreation & Wellness (SRWC) Beach Balance office. The expansion office is located in University Student Union (USU) Room 313. Both areas aim to promote personal well-being, from a holistic approach, by empowering members of the LBSU community to make healthy lifestyle choices. Programs and services are offered to:

  • Help the community improve their interpersonal development
  • Decrease stress levels
  • And gain knowledge from a variety of formats
Special services offered in the USU include:
  • Full body massage chairs - RSVP for a 20-minute session using the SRWC Go app
  • Blood pressure testing & monitoring
  • Pulse oximetry, biofeedback, body weight scales
  • And BMI/body fat testing

Introducing the Relaxation Station: Located in the Wellness Room, the USU Beach Balance office offers a centralized location for your relaxation needs! From meditation to health and wellness reading materials and art therapy, the Relaxation Station offers all of these relaxation methods during all hours of operation!

Beach Balance is constantly expanding and creating new special events such as Meal Prep 101, Meditation Special, Plant a Plant, DIY Wellness Hour, Dog Therapy, and Aromatherapy. Special events and services are provided in both the USU and SRWC locations. Stay connected by following us @CSULBSRWC or through the BeachSync portal for more information on current events and services.


Located on the second floor of the University Student Union in the ASI Communications main office.

California State University, Long Beach
Attn: ASI Communications – Video Productions
1212 Bellflower Blvd, Room 235
Long Beach, CA 90815

Office Hours

Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
P: (562) 985-1976

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