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Future U Kick-Off:

The Future U campaign officially launched at the Future U Kick-Off Celebration on Nov. 30, 2022 with a total of 727 attendees. The event was hosted in The Future U Showroom at the University Dining Plaza and University Student Union (USU) Southwest Terrace. The Future U Showroom featured interactive exhibits, potential renderings and floor plans, and a historical timeline showcasing the efforts leading up to the Future U. Each location had an opportunity for students and stakeholders to provide input, opinions and feedback. On the USU Southwest Terrace, there were potential renderings, feedback opportunities, free food, live music and interactive activities. The goal of this program was to launch the Future U campaign and to gather feedback about the Future U renovation and expansion project.

Winter Wonderland:

The Winter Wonderland event was hosted on Dec. 8, 2022 at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center with a total of 563 attendees. The event featured a mixture of fun winter-themed activities, real snow, informative exhibits featuring potential rendering concepts and opportunities for students to submit feedback about the Future U project.

Future U Fun Fest:

The final event for the campaign was hosted on Feb. 7, 2023 in the Speakers Platform with a total of 710 attendees. The event featured a mixture of fun activities and various opportunities to gather feedback about Future U. Students were able to provide information on types of spaces they wanted in a potential new building and feedback on the example renderings.

Outreach Events:

Throughout the year, there was a Future U activation showcasing the potential renderings and asking for feedback from students. There were information tables in high-traffic areas of campus allowing the campaign to reach populations that might not normally visit the University Student Union.

Event Activations:

The Future U campaign was incorporated into all major ASI events throughout the year: Smorgasport, Week of Welcome, ASI Night @ The Walter Pyramid, Back to the Beach Week. The goal was to bring awareness about the Future U to all events with large student attendance. Each activation included variations of the potential renderings, feedback comment cards, promotion of the website and many varying interactive activities that gathered opinions.

Future U Showcase:

From Nov. 2022 through May 2023, there were a total of 2,258 visits to the Future U Showcase. This space was located in a portion of the University Dining Plaza (located next to the USU) and was open daily for students, staff and faculty to visit and learn more about the expansion and renovation project. There was a historical timeline, with an incentivized game, to share the story of how this project came to be and important milestones along the way. There were screens displaying photos and videos of campus visits to other institutions with newly renovated unions, allowing viewers to see the trends and new spaces being created for students all throughout California. The potential rendering examples were on display in large format, showcasing the options and ideas of what a potential USU renovation and expansion. It also incorporated three main areas for feedback and interaction, these activities provided the opportunities for students to give direct feedback, provide new ideas and share their priorities.