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Renter’s Rights

Are you facing problems with your landlord? Unsure about what your rights are when renting property? Well, ASI Judiciary - as a part of their Know Your Rights campaign - is presenting a renter’s rights workshop this month to help you get some of those questions answered!

This workshop is geared towards students renting housing in the state of California and will offer opportunities to discuss concerns students may have about renting property.

“For those living in off-campus housing or moving out of their parents’ house for the first time, it is important to know how they are protected when it comes to dealing with landlords, contracts, moving out and getting their own place,” said ASI Public Defender Yasmeen Gardner.

After a short presentation on basic renter’s rights, guest speakers will take the mic to give their perspective on common problems first-time renters tend to face. After their presentation, a Q&A will be facilitated to allow students in attendance to ask questions of their own.

“This is so that students know what is essential in order to be successful renters,” said ASI Associate Justice Yael Jimenez. “There are often tricks in contracts that landlords use—we will discuss how to unveil and respond to them.”

The workshop will take place on April 19 and 20 from 3:30 p.m. to 4:40 p.m. in the University Student Union, Room 205. The guest speakers will be present during the April 20 presentation only.

“This is a way to get involved and see what the judiciary does and it sets a model for future workshops,” Jimenez said. “A lot of things are happening on campus that need to be dealt with, and the Know Your Rights campaign aims to give students some perspective on what they can do and how they are protected when it comes to issues like appealing a grade, general safety on campus and working with the police.”

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