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Changes & Improvements in Your USU
Changes & Improvements in Your USU

Published: Wednesday, 28 August 2019

If you weren’t on campus much during the summer, you probably missed some of the amazing improvements we made in the University Student Union (USU)!

First up is the addition of a multi-stall all-gender restroom on the third floor of the USU, open to all members of the campus community. Last year’s ASI student leaders made it a priority to provide more inclusive restroom options on campus, and this is the final result. Conveniently right next to the new restrooms is also a new foot washing station. Also on the third floor is the new USU Beach Balance office, which expands the services provided at the Student Recreation & Wellness Center. This new satellite office will provide the community with health and wellness services to enhance the quality of life through mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing.

Second floor hallway
All gender restroom
All gender restroom
Beach Balance entrance
Beach Balance massage chairs
Beach Balance
Second floor hallway carpet

Another notable improvement is the new carpeting in the administrative wing of the second floor. This, along with the fresh paint job on the walls, creates a cleaner, more enjoyable workspace for students, staff and faculty. Students that utilize the Campus Events Office, Student Life & Development and several other key offices can look forward to returning to a reinvigorated environment.

A more obvious improvement is something we can all relate to: the escalators. Tired students who hang their heads at the sight of a broken-down escalator will be relieved to hear that both escalators are expected to be more operational than ever before thanks to recent maintenance. With brand new steps, chains and handrails, the improved escalators are built to last. All students can look forward to riding them on the way to class this semester!

Lastly, in case you’ve missed them, keep an eye out for new furniture and other improvements that continue to be added throughout the USU. ASI always strives to maximize your experience here at Long Beach State, and we look forward to getting this year underway!