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Your ASI Study Guide to Conquering Finals poster

ASI Study Guide to Conquering Finals

Published: Friday, 10 December 2021

Written by ASI Beach Pride Events

It’s the final countdown and you are so close! Finals week is here, and we know it’s time to study, finish those last few projects and truly conquer this semester.

And here at Beach Pride Events (BPE) we know that this is no easy effort. But we want to help! We’ve searched, tested and complied a go-to self-care list for when you need to take a moment to destress, step outside, or encourage your study groups to take a moment of fun before powering back into studying.

Make sure to save this page, so you can visit it throughout finals week! It’s time to have some fun, take care of yourself and get things done. We encourage you to try one, or all the following:

Need to take a moment to refuel and recharge? Or explore the outdoors?

  • Save a trip to the market and make recipes with what’s already in your kitchen. Visit supercook.com.
  • Get some fresh air, take in some sunlight and get yourself outside. Visit alltrails.com.
  • Travel virtually to museums, famous landmarks and more. Visit buzzfeed.com.

Get creative with color and crafts:

Shift your focus back to you for a few minutes:

  • Take a moment to try guided meditation. Visit quietkit.com.
  • Make your own personal oasis with the sounds of nature. Visit spotify.com.
  • Pace your work and time your breaks with a customizable timer. Visit marinaratimer.com.
  • Try these 10 amazing resources and tips for maximizing study time and productivity. Visit uopeople.edu.

Groove and move your body:

  • Celebrate a completed task with a step-by-step dance party! Visit youtube.com
  • Sitting for a while? Try these five stretches while studying for finals. Visit mag.syr.edu.
  • Virtually learn a new instrument and make a new tune. Visit virtualmusicalinstruments.com.
  • Relax your body with a full body yoga session. Visit youtube.com. youtube.com

Take a break and challenge yourself, or a study buddy:

  • Shift and sort shapes into something new with tangrams. Visit abcya.com.
  • Put together a visual masterpiece with virtual puzzles. Visit jigsawexplorer.com.
  • Explore a castle and solve a mystery in a virtual escape room. Visit mysteryescaperoom.com.
  • Play with words with a virtual, or printable crossword puzzle. Visit latimes.com.

Explore campus through these resources:

We know you got this! But even in those stressful moments you might have this week, take the time to take care of you. You can accomplish so much, and we wish you the best of luck!

Trying one of our suggestions? Tag us at @csulbasi on social media and let us know how it goes!