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Published: Tuesday, 22 March 2022

Written by Norreen Chau, Sustain U Graduate Assistant

Students often have the misconception it is unattainable to live a sustainable lifestyle, but there are accessible ways to protect and nurture our planet! Here are Sustain U’s tips and tricks to be more mindful of the waste we produce and what we can do to have a more positive impact on our planet as students.

Turn Off the Lights and Conserve Water

Light pollution, the excessive use of artificial light, endangers ecosystems and disturbs biological rhythms necessary for living in humans and animals. Meanwhile, California continues to experience increasing drought periods due to human-induced climate change. One of the most effective and great ways to conserve is to be conscious of light and water usage in your everyday life. This can be practiced wherever you are! It can be switching to low-cost motion lights that turn off when you are not in the room or turning off the light in an empty classroom that you come across on campus. If there is a leaky faucet, you can even notify staff on campus to get it fixed. Keeping your eyes and mind open about how to conserve water and reduce light pollution is a great first step to making a slight change with considerable influence.

Go Meatless for One Day

Studies have shown that meat production generates 4.6 to 7.1 billion tons of greenhouse gases each year, with 44% of CO2 and 53% of N2O being the greenhouse gases with the most emissions. With climate change on the rise, it is essential to think about what part you can do to help reduce this growing issue. Our suggestion is to try going meatless for just one day a week! By supplementing your meals with other plant-based proteins one day a week, you reduce your carbon footprint by 8 pounds each time. If everyone in LA county made this change, approximately 3.9 billion pounds of carbon footprint emissions would be saved! Our tip is to buy protein alternatives in bulk to save time and money; these items can be found at your local supermarket, farmer’s market, or for free at the Beach Pantry.

Use Sustainable Brands and Go Back to Natural

Plastic is the primary waste product found in our oceans around the world, and it poses great harm to aquatic life. Plastic waste exists in all sizes, but the kind smaller than five millimeters in length that filter through water systems freely are called microplastics. To aid in saving marine life, opt to use sustainable products with natural ingredients and minimal plastic packaging, as well as properly recycle any amounts of plastic you use. Replacing your shampoo bottle with a natural shampoo bar, or plastic toothbrush with a biodegradable one ensures the health and beauty products you use, reduces risks of hurting sea animals. Check out BYO Long Beach to find more sustainable brands!

Get involved on Campus

You can become an environmentally aware and active student starting here on the Long Beach State campus! Contact Sustain U for additional information and join us during Earth Month at The Beach this April to learn more.