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5 Best Transportation Alternatives in Long Beach

Published: Friday, 23 September 2022

Written by CC Evans, Communications Student Assistant

Most students prefer the benefits that come with driving a car. I mean come on, the convenience, freedom and extra storage are hard to give up. Unfortunately, everything comes at a price.

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Learning how to become independent in this economy is challenging enough. With rising gas prices, expensive parking permits, difficult on-campus parking and overall traffic, there have to be better ways to get around...right?

Today is your lucky day! We’ve put together a handy list of our favorite transportation alternatives:


This classic mode of transportation is a fantastic way to exercise, save money and support the environment at the same time. And, the city of Long Beach and Long Beach State University (LBSU) are extremely bike friendly. LBSU has gone above and beyond by ensuring that students can move around campus with ease – make sure to check out the campus Wheel Paths and Bike Rack map!

For those who do not have a bike of their own, or do not want to risk the safety of their bike on campus, the city of Long Beach has partnered with Social Bicycles to improve the BikeShare experience. Chances are you have already seen them all around town; these public blue bikes are cheap and easy to use. With a variety of membership plans, currently enrolled LBSU students can pay a monthly fee of $7.50 for 90-minutes of daily use (a fixed rate is applied for any time that exceeds the limit).

Public Transport

Opting to take public transport is also an all-around ideal mode of transportation. Not only does it cost less, but it also improves a community’s financial health and reduces your carbon footprint.

Long Beach makes it easier to travel! The Long Beach Transit provides a whopping total of 37 bus routes running from the heart of Los Angeles all the way down to Seal Beach. Long Beach Transit has partnered with LBSU offering students a 150-day semester pass for $100 – a steal which normally values for $325! Make sure to get your own CSULB “Go Beach! Pass” today.

Fun fact! Did you know that CSULB offers a FREE shuttle that helps students move around campus faster? That trek you used to take from the G6 lot to the library is so unnecessary—now the shuttle’s got you!

Go Electric

Long Beach introduced the greatest resource of all time: electric scooters. Don’t really feel like suffering through strenuous exercise JUST to get around town? Then jump on the micro-mobility bandwagon!

If you haven’t noticed already, there are a billion electric transportation options to choose from. Here in Long Beach, you have the choice of four major e-scooter vendors.

From least to most expensive, you got: Lime , Razor , Bird , and Veo. Each comes with a different price; however, the rate is from 0.15 to 0.33 cents per minute – or about $10 to $20 an hour. $10 an hour might be too much as a college student. I get it. Thankfully, these vendors offer discounts for students!


If Uber and Social Bicycles merged, their creation would be Zipcar. Much like Social Bicycles, Zipcar is a booking service where you can rent a car for as long as you please, charging a fixed rate per hour. However, unlike Uber, Zipcar members have access to insurance, 24/7 maintenance and FREE gas – sold, how do I sign up?

With member rates usually selling for $90 per year, Zipcar offers LBSU students a discounted membership! On top of a low-cost annual fee of $15, student members pay $9.50 per hour for up to 180 miles per day.


As obvious as this option might seem, not enough people enjoy the benefits of carpooling. Not only is it sustainable for the environment, but you also cut down on the cost of gas, pricey permits and it won’t be illegal to use the HOV lanes! For those who have yet to find any carpool buddies in your area or on campus, there are so many ways to connect with students whether it's through Reddit, Discord, or even upcoming events such as Speed Friending , hosted by ASI in the USU, Sept. 26! To check out this event, visit

The city of Long Beach has thousands of benefits, and each one makes living or attending school here worthwhile. Despite your current mode of transportation, now you know that there are many options to choose from if you ever want to switch it up!