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CSULB Students Get Solar Energy from 3fficient and Associated Students, Inc.

Long Beach, Calif. - September 15, 2015 - Students at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) now have a new option to energize their power-thirsty digital devices: a free to use, outdoor, multi-outlet, solar table.

With the help and support of the Associated Students, Inc. University Student Union Board of Trustees (USUBOT), 3fficient recently installed the latest version of their solar table at the CSULB campus. Now students can sit outside and charge their laptops, tablets, smartphones and other digital devices while eating lunch, studying or hanging out. With ample battery storage and LED lighting, the solar table is built to work day and night.

The solar table was purchased as part of Project FreeCharge, a public-private initiative spawned by higher education presidents and city mayors to bring smart, carbon-free urban furniture and infrastructure to public spaces, making campuses and cities more safe, sustainable and resilient.

"Students and faculty were thrilled to see the zero-carbon solution being installed. As soon as the attractive and functional furniture was in place, students wasted no time plugging in and sharing their excitement about utilizing the free energy, powered by the sun, 100% free of air pollution or carbon emissions" said Doug Poffinbarger, President of 3fficient.

Joining in the enthusiasm about the recent installation were the students who worked to provide funding for the project. "We were extremely excited about this idea brought to us by our Sustain U environmental subcommittee," said Vanessa Mendoza, a fourth-year psychology major and former chairperson of the USUBOT. "At the time we began discussions about funding the project, our board was trying to figure out ways we could provide more seating and outlets for students who utilized the student union. This seemed like the perfect way to begin solving the problem in a sustainable and artistic way!"

Additionally, University Student Union Interim Associate Director of Facility Operations Pamela Lewis stated that CSULB students, faculty, and administrators couldn't be happier with the results. Lewis remarked that, while the table had only been installed for a couple of weeks, it already appeared to be "all the buzz" around the student union.

"This is a great solution - helping us to give students something they needed while also bringing awareness to an issue that our generation must address," said Mendoza. "The more students we can engage and help to make environmentally conscious now, the better off the future will be for all of us."