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After Hours Study Center Opens in the University Student Union

Long Beach, Calif. - August 21, 2014 - The ASI fee referendum that took place February 26 & 27, 2014 established the After Hours Study Center, which will open on August 25, 2015. The designated 24-hour study area is in the University Student Union (USU) room 201, located in the West Wing. The 24-hour study room will be available to students and will not be available to reserve for meetings or events. During regular business hours, the rest of the wing will operate normally, so that student organizations, departments and outside guests can still hold meetings and events, but from 11 PM- 7 AM the entire West Wing will be open for students as an After Hours Study Center Monday through Thursday and closed on weekends.

Joe Phillips, ASI President, stated that the After Hours Study Center was established after hearing students' need for the past few years to have this space on campus. "This is a great place for students to go when they need to do their homework in the late evenings and early mornings," said Phillips. "Many people who live on their own either do not have Wi-Fi; do not have a space to study or commute, so ASI wanted to provide a place that contributes to students' academic success."

Dr. Dave Edwards, ASI Associate Executive Director/Director USU and SRWC, applauds the USU Board of Trustees and the current and last year's ASI Executive Officers for taking the initiative to provide this service to students. "If this temporary location for the After Hours Study Center is successful, it will provide the catalyst for a permanent location on campus in the future," said Edwards. "Any improvements to student services like this always creates a stronger sense of campus life and provides students an opportunity to be more successful while at CSULB."

Edwards also states that an After Hours Study Center in the USU is a great opportunity for students to do some last minute studying or perhaps hold a late night group study session. "There are very few places on campus for students to gather after hours and ASI has provided this facility for that purpose and demonstrates the USU's desire to be responsive to students' ever-changing needs," said Edwards.

Student IDs are required and will be checked by the staff monitoring the building for safety and to enforce all the rules, such as no sleeping or loud music. Students utilizing the After Hours Study Center are encouraged to park in Lot 4 to ensure that they do not receive a ticket for parking overnight.