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Two New ASI Executive Officers Elected to Office

Long Beach, Calif. - April 7, 2016 - This morning at 11 a.m., the Board of Elections certified the results of the 2016 ASI Run-off Elections for the positions of ASI Vice President and ASI Treasurer. The results are as follows:

  • Vice Presidential Race
    • Logan Vournas* - 62.75% (2,023 votes cast)
    • Novy Savannah - 37.25% (1,201 votes cast)
  • Treasurer Race
    • Gio Smith* - 65.69% (2,139 votes cast)
    • Mariam Balogun - 34.31% (1,117 votes cast)

Vice President-elect Logan Vournas and Treasurer-elect Gio Smith officially take office June 1, 2016.

Please note that due to a Judiciary Complaint Petition being filed regarding the outcome of the presidential race, the run-off election for president will come at a later date after ASI Judiciary has rendered a decision. Please visit for updates.

*Denotes run-off winner.