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ASI Communications Students Sweep Design Competition

Long Beach, Calif. - Last week, the Association of College Unions International (ACUI) Region I announced that CSULB Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) won six of its top prizes in the 2016 Steal This Idea competition, including first place for their brand new website and first place for their 60th Year Anniversary promotional video. ACUI Region I includes all collegiate student marketing teams in California, Alaska, Arizona, Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico, Australia and the Territory of Guam.

The competition seeks to recognize students and to discover the year's best marketing and promotional ideas throughout the region. The awards are as follows:

  • 1st Place Websites:"ASI Corporate Website" - Sarah Beltran (Graphic Designer), Daniel Esquer, Meet Trivedi (Web Developers).
  • 1st Place Motion Graphics:"ASI 60th Logo Motion Graphic" - John Van Unen (Graphic Designer) and Nathan Zankich (Music).
  • 2nd Place Motion Graphics:"How Sustain U Works for U" - Travis Baker (Video Producer), Andy Khong (Graphic Designer).
  • 2nd Place Signs and Signage:"SRWC Outdoor Banners" - John Crump (Graphic Designer).
  • 3rd Place Motion Graphics:"2016 ASI Year in Review" - Andy Khong, Nathan Zankich, John Van Unen (Graphic Designers), Sarah Beltran (Art Direction), Erik Kim, Travis Baker, Bradley Dickinson (Video Producers).
  • 3rd Place Video Promotion:"Not Alone @ the Beach PSA" - Bradley Dickinson (Video Producer).

"This means a lot, because we worked on the website for months!" exclaimed Meet Trivedi, a graduate student of computer science and lead web developer at ASI Communications. "The best reward is seeing people enjoy it; this award is definitely the cherry on top. As a student, I wanted to see changes on the website and got to participate in making them happen."

"Our ASI Communications team works tirelessly throughout the school year to help ASI look our best," said Aaron Elimelech, who works as the University Student Union marketing manager and supervises the many designers and marketers working for ASI. "We initially dominated the competition years ago as 'Planet Graph-X,' but as many colleges and student unions have beefed up their graphics and communications departments the field has become really competitive. This is a great honor and sign that we are once again rising to the top of the pack!"

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