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ASI Media Students Sweep Media Festival

Long Beach, Calif. - College Beat Television, a student-run video production team at Cal State Long Beach (CSULB), took home two awards at the 26th annual CSU Media Festival of Arts, landing first and third place awards for their work.

The CSU Media Arts Festival is a celebration of films, videos and other new media created by CSU students. The festival is an opportunity for students to showcase their work before a panel of distinguished faculty and entertainment industry professionals.

"I'm so proud of this award because it serves a reminder that we're working towards great content!" exclaimed Nicole Ilagan, one of the award winners and College Beat TV chief executive producer. "The festival emphasized how social issues incorporate and utilize media to spread awareness-and that's exactly what 'And We Vote' does. This award really shows that College Beat TV produces high quality content about what matters."

ASI's College Beat TV took a first place award in "Television, Variety" with "And We Vote," a show presenting a dialogue on politics and relevant issues, produced by Jessie Butera. The student-run team also took a third place award for "Television, News" with "Beach Access," CSULB's entertainment news show produced by Erica Quiroz. The winning "And We Vote! Celebrity Edition" featured Craig Anton and Alexandra Billings discussing hot topics in the 2016 general election.

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