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New ASI Officers Elected

Long Beach, Calif. - Earlier today, the ASI Board of Elections certified the results of the 2017 ASI Student Government Elections. The results for all candidates can be found at Daniel Gomez won the presidential race and there will need to be a run-off election for the offices of Vice President and Treasurer. Detailed results for the top two vote-getters in the the ASI Executive Officer elections are as follows:

Presidential Race
Daniel Gomez - 58.83% (2,186 votes) - WINNER
Dale Lendrum - 41.17% (1,530 votes)

Vice-Presidential Race - Run-off Required
Kenia Duarte - 44.73% (1,665 votes)
Joe Nino - 41.59% (1,548 votes)

Treasurer Race - Run-off Required
Jonathan Wanless - 41.98% (1,550 votes)
Samuel Kim - 33.99% (1,255 votes)

Run-off elections for ASI Treasurer and Vice President will take place next week, Monday, March 20 through Wednesday, March 22. Results from the run-off will be announced at Noon on Thursday, March 23 in the Farber Senate Chambers (USU-234).

All newly elected representatives will take office June 1, 2017.