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IBS Appoints ASI Student Media Coordinator Danny Lemos to Board of Directors

Long Beach, Calif. - ASI Student Media Coordinator Danny Lemos has recently been appointed to the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System (IBS) Board of Directors for his lengthy experience and outstanding involvement in college radio.

Lemos has worked for several years as the student media coordinator for Associated Students, Inc., where he has advised and mentored students involved in print, broadcast and video journalism. His students have won several of IBS’ national awards—including CollegeBeatTV and Kbeach Radio taking home awards this past year.

“It’s a tremendous honor to serve on the board,” said Lemos. “IBS has played an important role in recognizing and empowering students across the nation involved in broadcasting—including some of my own. I’m excited to continue giving back to students!”

The Intercollegiate Broadcasting System (IBS) is a national nonprofit education organization that has served high school, college and community radio stations for over 75 years. Lemos joins a board of directors who have over 1,000 cumulative years of radio experience.

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