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A Statement on 'ASI Day at Disney' Ticket Distribution

Long Beach, Calif. -Thank you to everyone who came to get tickets for ASI Day at Disney. We understand the process was not ideal and we deeply apologize for the inconvenience it caused. Our goal was to offer tickets to as many students as normally attend the Big Event concert, which in the last few years has been around 1,300 students. ASI was simply not as prepared as we should have been for the demand from thousands of interested students, and we take full responsibility for that.

It quickly became clear that there was a much larger demand for Disneyland access than any program ASI has put on. While additional tickets cannot be offered, we heard your concerns. ASI is working on solutions to the problems that were communicated so they don't happen at future events.

Some have also asked why the ASI fee covered only a limited number of tickets. The ASI fee goes toward operating the ASI Recycling Center, the Isabel Patterson Child Development Center, and funds student organizations, scholarships, student employees, and student government operations. It also helps fund several major events, including Homecoming, the Belmont Shore Christmas Parade, and Week of Welcome. The Big Event is only one of many uses for the fee.

We are sorry for any stress this situation caused students and we are committed to improving in the future.