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Elections Announcement
Elections Announcement

Published: Thursday, 11 April 2019

In case you missed it, the results of this year’s ASI Elections are in! The race was close this year, and we’ll have some new faces joining the ASI student government team in this upcoming academic year.

The Executive Officers: The executive leadership of the organization and of student government.

PRESIDENT: Lizbeth Velasquez, a first generation, working and low-income student won the presidency. During her term as ASI president, she hopes to establish a legal advice clinic for students and work with CalFresh outreach to expand the programs on campus.

VICE PRESIDENT: Leen Almahdi, the current ASI Vice President, was reelected to serve alongside Velasquez. In this next term, she hopes to expand the accessibility services and programs on campus and continue her work with inclusive advocacy and representation in the upcoming year.

TREASURER: Reyalyn Villegas will be joining the ASI executive team as the new treasurer for the 2019 – 2020 year. As treasurer, she hopes to provide students with more tools to build financial literacy as well as create more opportunities for open communication between ASI and students regarding financial needs.

ASI Senators: Senators also serve as the board of directors of ASI. They not only advocate and represent student interests, but they also give direction to ASI’s management about the vision and trajectory of the approximately $16 million non-profit organization.

SENATORS-AT-LARGE: Citlalli M., Stephany Triska, Daniel Galindo, Ryan Phong, Jireh Deng and Sumaiyah Hossain

COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION: Stephanie Torres and Taryn Williams


COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING: Kiran Sajjan and Yamin Yee

COLLEGE OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES: Tyler Garcia and Cassie Cabading

COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS: Daniella Hernandez and Minoli De Silva

USU Board of Trustees: Also known as the USUBOT, this board oversees the operations of the University Student Union (USU) and Student Recreation & Wellness Center (SRWC). They meet monthly to review ASI sponsored events, outreach efforts, customer feedback, status of the facilities, revenue generation targets and various other items. Their goal is to always improve the USU and SRWC and make sure both facilities are student centered!

TRUSTEES: Judith Magana, Anisah Ullah, Xan Balayan, Katherine Khiev and Bianca Rivera