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Student Government Updates banner

Every wonder what exactly your student government is up to? Well ASI President Marvin Flores has launched a brand new e-newsletter covering all the happenings of your student government!

CSULB Pedestrian Only Policy Banner

As you maneuver around the crowds of the first few weeks on campus, make sure to keep the pedestrian only zones safe by walking your bicycles, skateboards, scooters or any other coasting devices!

Student Health Fee Proposal Banner

As you may know, officials from the Division of Student Affairs and Student Health Services have requested that the Student Fee Advisory Committee forward a proposal to President Conoley for her to consider an increase in the campus' Student Health Center Fee. This fee would help prevent the elimination or reduction of services at the health center while adding to its offerings in the areas of mental health services, wellness/health promotion and specialty clinics.

Renter’s Rights Banner

Are you facing problems with your landlord? Unsure about what your rights are when renting property? Well, ASI Judiciary - as a part of their Know Your Rights campaign - is presenting a renter’s rights workshop this month to help you get some of those questions answered!

President Salazar’s State of the A.S. Banner

Last week, ASI President Jose Salazar delivered his second State of the Associated Students address to the A.S. Senate. The bylaws of the Associated Students require that each student body president deliver a report to the student body on the state of the Associated Students, Inc. near the beginning of each semester of the normal academic year.

Celebrating the Life of MLK, Jr. Banner

On Tuesday, Feb. 23, for the 17th consecutive year, CSULB students and staff will gather to honor Martin Luther King, Jr., the renowned minister, activist and leader in the African-American Civil Rights Movement. This annual event presents a time for honoring MLK Jr., his mission and his legacy. The event will encompass the singing of “The Black National Anthem,” poetry, an essay competition...